The Hewligan Big Bang!

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Welcome to hewliganbigbang!

For those unfamiliar with Big Bang challenges, you sign up to write a fic with a large word count (word count varies between fandoms and between Big Bangs) and artists sign up to create art or vids for the stories.

This community is still in the beginning stages, so please check back often for updates on our hewliganbigbang.

If you have SIGNED UP to take part in this challenge, please be sure to JOIN and WATCH the community as there will be locked posts just for authors and artists on the community and membership is moderated. If you are not an author or artist please do NOT try and join the community.

For authors and artists, betas and cheerleaders we've created hewliganlounge, the Hewligan Big Bang Lounge, where you can find resource info on the fandoms and pairings available to choose from, where you can chat with other authors and artists, share snippets of your story or drafts of your art for constructive criticism and/or general cheering. It's also the place to feel free to vent about any struggles you're having with your story/art - if anyone is going to understand, it's other people that have taken on this challenge. All posts are locked to provide complete freedom and a safe place for authors/artists to discuss whatever they want in regards to this challenge so if you want to take part you will need to JOIN the community. Only authors and artists taking part in this challenge, and betas and cheerleaders that are actually signed up as betas and/or cheerleaders will be permitted to join.
Before you join, please take a minute to check out the following posts The Rules | The Guidelines If after reading through those posts you're still interested in signing up, please go to the following posts Author Sign-ups (Coming Soon!) | Artist Sign-ups (Coming Soon!)
If you're not an author or an artist but would still like to take part in our Hewligan Big Bang, we DO have some options for you!

We'll be looking for Beta Readers and Cheerleaders to help and encourage our authors and artists to finish this challenge.

Also, we have a Prompt Post where you can feel free to offer up some story ideas for our authors. They can be for a specific Hewligan pairing (like John/Rodney) or vague enough to fit ANY Hewligan pairing. All comments are screened and prompts will be compiled in August to create the official prompt post for authors to choose from.
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