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2010 Beta Readers

This is the beta reader post. If you want to offer your mad betaing skillz up for this challenge, please copy and paste the following into a comment.

Some authors will already have their own betas and that is fine, however every author is required to have their story betaed by TWO people so some may require an additional beta.

Betas are allowed to sign up to beta no more than TWO Big Bang stories (an exception will be made if the people you are betaing for finish early and you want to help out).

In order to get a beta through this post, you must have written at least 7500 words on your story before asking for one.

What fandom(s)* you're willing to read:
What pairings** you're willing to read:
What type of beta are you willing to offer? (spelling/grammar, characterization, continuity etc.)
How long will it take you to beta a 20,000+ word story?

* In this case, if there are only certain movies/shows of David's and Joe's that you are willing to read, let us know here - or, if you're willing to read any/all Hewligan fandoms, you can put that too.

** Let us know if there are only certain Hewligan pairings you're willing to read - you can also put any/all if that is the case.
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