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Things to Know...THE RULES

1) Sign ups are required
This kind of goes without saying. ;)

Co-authors ARE allowed, but you will both be required to officially sign-up (stating in your sign up comment who you are co-writing with) and join the community.

2) Stories MUST be a Hewligan pairing
This is the Hewligan Big Bang, so your stories should focus on a Hewligan pairing (any David Hewlett character paired with any Joe Flanigan character). ANY Hewligan pairing is acceptable - including RPS.

3)NO incest or underage sex
For the purposes of this challenge, pairing two characters played by the same actor is going to fall under incest, as well as pairing two characters who are not blood related but were raised together as brother and sister (or brother & brother, sister & sister), and anyone under 18 will be considered under age. To clarify, this doesn't mean you can't write stories WITH people under 18 IN them, they just can't be having sex. ;)

4) You must have written a story that was at least 5000 words
And it must have been posted somewhere online before you can sign up.

5) Your story MUST be betaed by TWO people
I know this might be an issue for some people however, this is an absolute must. We will be having a sign up post for people offering their mad betaing skillz and you can find betas there, or, if you prefer you can use your own betas. Please be sure that the betas you are using really ARE betas, not just friends cheering you on.

You should, at the absolute minimum, have a beta that will check your spelling and your grammar. Someone to check your continuity, plot and characterization would be wonderful too, but for the purposes of this challenge, the minimum I am asking is that you have someone beta your story for any spelling/grammar mistakes. To qualify for one of the betas from this community, your story must have at least 7500 words written before you can ask for one of our betas.

6) ART!
You will ONLY be guaranteed art for your story if you have, on the day of the draft deadline, a COMPLETE but unpolished first draft of your story ready to be given to your assigned artist so that they can begin work on whatever they are inspired to create after reading your story.

A complete draft means that the story is whole but just needs some cosmetic work to it such as cleaning up a bit of dialogue or making a few scenes sharper. It does not mean that you can go back and do major changes to the plot. What you send to your artist should be almost exactly what you will be posting on the final deadline.

If you do not have a COMPLETE first draft ready for the deadline, we cannot guarantee you will get any art for your story.

7) You must WATCH the community
I post updates to time lines, check-in posts for authors/artists etc. on the community so you MUST add the community to your watch list.
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