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Guidelines for participation.


1) Stories must be a minimum of 20,000 words.

2a) Your story must be betaed by at least TWO people. You can find betas on our BETA POST, or you can use your own. At the very least your story must be betaed for both spelling and grammar mistakes.

2b) Betas will not be allowed to accept betaing duties for more than TWO stories in this challenge.

2c) Before you can ask one of the betas in our beta post to be your beta, you must have written at least 7500 words of your story so as not to tie up betas before you've really even gotten into the story.

3) Your story cannot have appeared anywhere else on the internet before. If you're thinking about expanding a shorter story (a couple thousand words) that you've written and posted, you may do so but you MUST remove that story from the internet during the challenge. In this case, the story you are planning to expand, cannot be more than 3000 words.

4) You cannot post your story anywhere online until ONE WEEK after the stories and art have gone live.

5) There will be prompts given by the mods and we will be accepting prompts from anyone interested in throwing out some ideas (as comments in the prompt post). You are free to choose one of these prompts, OR, you can simply come up with your own idea (as long as they follow RULE #3).

6) All stories are to be HEWLIGAN. You can have other pairings, but the focus should be on your Hewligan pairing.

7) You must have written a story that was at least 5000 words (and posted it) to take part.

8) In regards to presentation -

* Do not indent your paragraphs
* Put a space between paragraphs
* When attempting to stress a word, use bold or italics, NOT asterisks. Example: Rodney hates lemons. (GOOD) Rodney *hates* lemons. (BAD)
* No sparkly, flashing, huge or otherwise abnormal fonts (I will be choosing the font type, color and size for the website, so your story/art shouldn't have any type of font coding).
* Please code your stories for italics, bolding, underlining, centering and paragraphs before sending in your completed story.
* ALL stories and art should include a detailed header.
* Art pieces should also have a teaser pic (300 pixels x 150 pixels exactly).

If your story contains non-con/dub-con, rape, heavy kink, character death/suicide, gore, excessive violence, partner betrayal, or abuse, you MUST include warnings. If you feel warning for these things will somehow take away from your story, I will add a color bar to hide the warnings for those that do not wish to see them, or you can include the warnings at the bottom of your story with a note in the header that they can be found there, but they MUST be included for those that could be triggered by these things.

So, if we haven't scared you away, this is what you need to do to sign-up.

Check out the Author Sign-up post HERE.


To easily add paragraph tags when coding your story:

When using WORD, go to the Find/Replace menu (in Edit). In the "find" box put in ^p^p and in the "replace" box put in <*/*p>^p^p<*p*> (remove the *s). This should add the paragraph tags (opening and closing tags) to each of your paragraphs. You will just need to remove the closing tag on your first paragraph. :)

Here is a screencap from sgamadison to show you what your find/replace box should look like.

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