The Big Reveal

Finally, here it is, reveal day night!

First, I want to thank neevebrody for being my link checker and co-mod, and a very special thank you to danceswithgary who signed up to do art for two stories and then pinch hit for two more! You were an absolute life safer!

Initally we had 13 authors and 9 artists signed up to write for this challenge. 6 authors finished for a total of 7 stories coming in at a total of 214,877 words. We have 11 pieces of art created by 5 artists.

So without further ado, I give you the


Reveal Date

For everyone emailing me, the revised reveal date is the 26th.

I am working on the site now, the only thing left to do are the artist pages and the feedback community. Assuming nothing else goes wrong, the site will go live after I've gotten home from work on Thursday - so expect it late Thursday (early Friday at the latest if I end up working extremely late).

Please do not innudate me with emails asking why it is not posted yet. My mother went into the hospital this weekend, I've been working 12-15 hour days, and am doing the coding myself not to mention the issues with artists dropping out. I am getting the site together as fast as I can but you're all just going to have to bear with me here.


Calling Artists

I'm looking for an artist that can pinch hit for a story since an artist has not sent me their art and not responded to my attempts at contact. If any of the artists that have finished their art are able to take on another story, it would be greatly appreciated.

Final Art Due Date

This is a reminder to all artists that your final art is due on MAY 2ND!

You need to include a header:

Companion Story

You also need to include a teaser that is exactly 300 pixels by 150 pixels and a tiny teaser pic that is 150 pixels by 75 pixels.

Stories Final Deadline

Because I have family visiting for the next week and I won't actually get the chance to do anything with the stories until after they have left, I decided that it would make more sense to give the authors an extra week to do the final edits/betas rather than simply having the completed stories sitting in my inbox gathering dust.

If you do have your story ready by the 26th, you're more than welcome to send it. I will try and respond to you asap to let you know I receieved it (though, with my family here I have not been getting online much more than once a day). Those that need the extra week can have until April 2nd - a week from this Saturday - to get me the final versions.


I am still waiting to hear from a few artists, letting me know you received the stories you claimed. PLEASE email me and let me know you have gotten your story, or you will be getting a second email with it. ;) I will wait to hear from the remaining artists until tomorrow evening. If I have not heard from you by then, I will be resending the email.

Stories have gone out!

I have sent out all the stories to the artists. Artists, if you have not received an email from me, CONTACT ME immediately. If you HAVE received your story, please let me know as well.

Because of the two day delay in stories going out, the final art deadline will be moved ahead by two days to give artists the full time needed to complete their art.



I just found out today a couple of artists are dropping out of the challenge and I am waiting to hear from a third.

I'm going to have to open artist sign-ups again for a few days in the hopes we get some replacements. If you know anyone that might consider taking part, please point them to this post.

Artist Claim Post!

This is the 2010/2011 artist claim post.

This is a first come, first serve type of claim post. Each header will be anonymous (I removed any information in the headers that would tell who the author is - including information about previous stories - that information will be available after the stories have been claimed) and once ALL stories have been claimed, I will post the names of the authors. Artists are free to claim two stories if they feel they are absolutely 100% certain they can create art for both stories.

Under the cut are the story headers. Please indicate, in your comment, the TITLE and the number of the story you are claiming.

Author's please DO NOT comment after your story has been claimed. This is to remain completely anonymous until after all stories have been claimed by an artist. If you have any questions/comments, contact me outside of this post.

Collapse )


Right now I have eight story drafts - I have responded to all of the authors that I have received stories from. If you have not gotten a confirmation email from me, I have NOT received your story.

These are the authors I have stories from at the moment:


If you have sent your story to me and are not in the above list, again, I have not received your story. You need to contact me ASAP if you wish to be included in the artist claim post.

If you are trying to contact me, PLEASE do not use livejournal's messaging service as I am not receiving all of the messages sent to me that way. Email me - forcryinoutloud at gmail dot com


Most of you probably assumed it was a mistake, but just in case, there was a mistake made in the schedule. I had added a "to get art" note, however I added it to the wrong date. I added it to the FINAL story deadline instead of the story draft deadline. I've since edited the post.

Story drafts are due March 12th - if you wish to receive art, I MUST have your stories on the 12th.